The Story

This story is about my journey of discovering custom and handmade modular insoles which finally, after many unsuccessful attempts with other methods, brought relief to my foot pain.

My first insole which had a single layer did not work. Now I know why. You can learn about how good insoles work and what the differences are among insoles available.

Modular insoles are built by building-blocks: all different materials and modules are carefully selected according to your particular needs and problems. There is science and technology in them all. Noene base has excellent shock absorbent properties. It has also been used in racing cars and the underground system in Milan to protect the “Duomo di Milano”. Our insoles are covered with Microfiber which is resistant to mechanical stress, bacteria and sweat. The material and properties of flexible pads are carefully selected and placed accordingly to provide the best support and correction where needed. Furthermore, targeted shock absorption can be added with poron or medical poron. This huge variety in the use and placement of available materials guarantee the best fit, correction and support from your insoles.

Prevention or early correction of the abnormalities of the feet is paramount, but improvement of your sport performance and endurance is also an important benefit. Running, football or cycling has its own dedicated insoles in our portfolio, such as insoles for everyday use.

Your insoles are handmade based on a unique pressure map recorded during your free computer foot analysis. With more than 20 years of professional experience and owning several Best Quality Awards your health is in good hands.

Awards & Certifications


ISO 9001:2015


Quality Product Award 2013