Case studies

Case study I: Significant differences among insoles

While one insole couldn’t help my problems, the other could. How and why?

You can see the differences and their impact on your foot, health and performance by clicking here.

comparison of insoles_500

comparison of orthotic insoles

Testimonial from Terry R, Group Wellness Manager, The Hogarth Group

Having had over a decade of very painful and boring calf/Achillies tendon injuries I think it’s fair to say I’m more than willing to try anything to best manage my ongoing issues. I have fairly recently taken up the great sport of Triathlon which seems a little crazy knowing my history of injuries. I am very much determine to crack these problems and fingers crossed – the future of me running again is looking a whole lot better! I’ve used these insoles now for the best part of 6 weeks and I am (touch wood) running pain free and feeling much more positive about progressing with a little distance and pace. Combining that with the expertise of the running school and I feel I’m well on the way to full recovery.

Further case studies: you can see the picture of the first scan at the top left  corner, while the follow up scan at the top right after wearing the modular insoles for a while, typically for a year. At the bottom you can see an image of an ideal, healthy foot with 3 points of contact.