Comparison of insoles

Case study: comparison of orthotic insoles

In our story I have written about the way we finally found the modular insoles. On the picture below you can see the detailed differences between a single layer molded insole and our Podiart modular insole.

Here you can understand the sophisticated and custom made placement of pads according to one’s particular needs. In Podiart modular insoles every piece is selected according to your unique pressure distribution map. Not only is the flexible support important, but via proprioceptive effects the pads train the muscle groups involved.

comparison of insoles

The lengthwise lifting pad corrects the dropped longitudinal arch, while the transverse pad lifts the dropped transverse arch. So, flat feet can be efficiently corrected this way. Over-pronation is sorted out by the anti-pronation module. The base of the insole can be compressed leather, polyethylene foam or special shock absorbent noene material according to one’s needs. Similarly the covering material can be polifoam or the special microfiber. Furthermore special shock absorbent layers, like poron or medical poron can be added to the whole length of the insole or to particular sections.

In case of calluses or protruding heel bones a hole can be cut in the insole and filled up with a supporting, soft material.

insole prepared for callus or protruding heel bone

There isn’t any other technology I am aware of which could be more flexibly and uniquely adjusted to your particular foot problems or needs.

In case of sport insoles with or without any foot problems or pain your goal might be simply sparing your joints and improving your endurance. Our runner, footballer and biker modular insoles are custom made in this regard.

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blown up image of a modular insole