Custom made for you

How to get your Podiart Orthotic Insoles?

The process of getting your own, unique insoles can be broken down into 4 phases:

  • Computer analysis (Scanning)
  • Order
  • Assembly and
  • Receipt

Free computer analysis

You can book in for a free computer analysis of your feet. You stand barefoot on the glass sheet of a Podoscope which is our diagnostic and measurement instrument. In tests the glass sheet could bear weights up to 500 kg so there is no need to worry about its breaking!

The scanned image is turned into isobars by the computer. Isobars show the amount of pressure exerted on each area, clearly visible. The static state of the body is projected on the foot; the healthy foot has a certain projection and the ill foot has a disease-specific projection.

We can compare your unique weight distribution pattern against one of the standard healthy foot and assess the differences. Based on this we can make a recommendation whether you could benefit from wearing an insole or not. If so, we can go on with the ordering phase.

Ordering your custom insoles

It begins with recording your personal details. All this information helps the engineers in making your custom insoles. As an example the height and weight of a person makes a big difference on the feet’s pressure distribution.


Podiart Orthotics cannot be used by people with diabetes.
The pressure on certain parts of the foot can damage the vulnerable veins of a diabetic person and can cause wounds.

This image is sent to the Podiart European Headquarter for the assembly of your custom made orthotic insoles.

To finalise the order you need to pay the full price of insoles.

Making your modular orthotic insoles

An orthopedic engineer uses the scanned image to design the orthotics. The arrangement of the modules serves firstly to correct the weight line and secondly to relieve overloaded areas. The correction is achieved by flexible rubber pads, those are not only lifting the targeted region, but via proprioceptive effects they train the muscle groups involved.

The orthotics are assembled by hand using the computer generated design. They are precisely crafted by skilled workers to the high standards of the leather industry. Several quality inspections are made to check that the right module is affixed in the right place.
The final product is inspected and approved by our experienced podiatrists.

Every orthotic insole we make is unique.

Receiving your product

The finished product is sent to the store where you ordered your Podiart Orthotics. The making and delivering of each pair of insoles can take up to two weeks.

You can enjoy your new orthotics by following the provided user guide on how to correctly insert your insoles into your shoes.

It takes time to get used to your orthotics.
In order to make sure your feet can accommodate to your new Podiart Insoles you should not wear them for more than an hour for the first time. With every day use, you’ll be able to wear them for longer periods of time. Within a week your feet will thank you for your decision to order Podiart Orthotics.