How do insoles work?

The static state of the body is projected on the foot; the healthy foot has a certain projection and the ill foot has a disease-specific projection.

This disease-specific configuration can be gradually changed or pushed back towards the normal with flexible pads.

The correction is achieved by flexible rubber pads, those are not only lifting the targeted region, but via proprioceptive effects they train the muscle groups involved. This careful correction can be achieved only after pressure point analysis of the feet.

Our experience show that in case of static problems of the feet there is a certain point from where there is no way back to normal without correction. Typical example is the fallen transverse arches or flat feet. In these cases the ankle joint need to be normalized since the non-parallel joint position can lead to abrasion of the articular cartilage and the over-expansion or rupture of ligaments.

The correction of the feet and joints is a process made by the flexible pads gently and gradually; they also strengthen the muscles causing some muscle ache initially.

Most of the patients report immediate relief. The beneficial effect of correction can be seen by comparing the pressure maps from time to time.