What is Noene?

What is Noene?

Our joints often ache after a long walk, or after standing for many hours at work, or after practising sport. This discomfort is often caused by the absorption of harmful vibrations generated by the impact made by our body hitting the ground when we walk, run or jump.

Hiht-techt joint protection so nothing can stop you

NOENE® is a revolutionary material, which is capable of absorbing and then dispersing the shockwaves generated when we walk or jump. By using them regularly when practising sport, in your everyday life and at work, these insoles protect your joints, thus avoiding possible painful lesions.

They can be worn with all kinds of footwear

Insoles containing NOENE® are thin and light. Although they are only a few millimetres thick, they are extremely effective and can be used with all types of footwear, from trainers to casual shoes. Once you have tried them, you will never want to leave the house again without them!

Noene® absorb and disperse most of the harmful impacts and vibrations, keeping them from spreading through your body, so no one can stop you.

What is the NOENE® material made of?

NOENE® is a type of rubber, which, thanks to its internal structure and special composition, has particular characteristics that make it very different from traditional elastomers.

The main property of the NOENE® material is its viscoelasticity, which makes it an excellent shock absorber.


NOENE® was created for sectors of the heavy industry that needed to reduce the wear and tear caused by the vibrations from heavy machinery. It is also used in some racing cars, high-speed trains and even in the Milan underground system, to absorb vibrations that could damage the structure of the “Duomo di Milano”.