My Story

I am a very active man in his mid-40s. I have always had good quality shoes for everyday use and exercise. In spite of keeping active and taking care of myself I developed pain on the lateral part of my foot, just below the head of the metatarsals. At the same location a callus formed. I tried many things from foam rings to single layer insoles but nothing seemed to helped.

Meantime my wife, Brigi developed a knee pain that appeared solely during running. We visited an NHS orthopedic surgeon and an MRI was also performed, however nothing has been revealed. Finally he recommended her to wear a custom made insole since minimal changes in the static of the foot can lead to knee or back pain.

We researched insoles in London but discovered very limited, improper or expensive options. My wife eventually bought a ‘custom made’ insole, but no improvement was made. During a recent visit to Budapest, we came across a health store where custom & hand-made quality insoles were advertised. We went in and enquired. They showed us the insoles and invited us for a complimentary scanning. On the screen we could see that our feet were not balanced in a normal way. Both of our problems could be caused by modified weight distribution, which can be normalised by insoles.

After a few more questions we ordered ours: one for everyday use and one for exercise.
After such outstanding service and knowledge portrayed during the examination and scanning process I asked for the contact details of their head office. I knew instantly that this would be something worthwhile to have available in London.
The company welcomed my suggestion and I have joined their numerous international locations with The Hogarth MediSpa.

Within two weeks we received our insoles. Initially it felt like walking on tennis balls but my feet quickly accustomed to it. The pain soon disappeared and I genuinely cannot imagine wearing any shoes without the supporting insoles.

at the insoles factory

Me at the Podiart factory

I wish to share my discovery and relief with you, especially if you suffer from pain caused by the simple problem of your feet. Please discover a more comfortable life by booking in for a complimentary examination.

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